LATEST NEWS updated 10/16/2023

Bob Karwin

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New Music
I am thrilled to announce that I have a new single, "Sequel."  It was inspired by my son, James, who was in a terrible car crash. His injuries were pretty substantial and have changed his life forever. He was left with no use of his legs and is learning to get around in a wheelchair. But, he has the familiar faces of his family and friends around him and he's getting to stay in his adopted hometown of Aurora, Illinois. In movie terms, he's got the same cast and the same sets, but he's starting a new plot line. It's part two. It's the sequel.

After writing the song, I enlisted the help of Lewis Richards, who produces Wheeland Brothers, Dirty Heads,                                             and other great bands known for their So. Cal. beach vibe. I said "get me that vibe" and boy did he ever. I would describe this tune as "Jack Johnson meets Barenaked Ladies." It is funky, sunny, and upbeat, just like James. 

I have put together a fund to help James. The money will be used to adapt his home and car for wheelchair accessibilty and cover his expenses until he finishes rehab.