NEW ALBUM - Nowhere to Hide


March 27-29, 2015

Meeting of the Mindless in San Felipe, Mexico. I'm south of the Border to begin my 2015 tour schedule with Rob Mehl, Ron Bell, Sam Rainwater and more.

May 14-17, 2015

The legendary Phins to the West at the Avi Resort in Laughlin, NV with Thom Shepherd, Southern Drawl Band, The Boat Drunks, The CalypsoNuts, Don Middlebrook and more.


1. Driving The Gulf Road

2. My Fake Life

3.  Something More


4.  Drinking Cap

5.  Champion

6.  Life on the Run

7.  It Comes in Waves

8.  Where the Car 

      Won't Go

9.  Six String Diary

10.  Amnesia

11.  Good Red Wine

12.  Coconut for Christmas