BREAKING NEWS: I have just been added to the Brent Burns Ireland Tour 10/1/16-10/8/16. Yes, it is happening in just about two months from today. The cost is just $1,675 per person + airfare. It includes breakfast and dinner or lunch each day. We will be traveling by bus through the Irish countryside and performing three shows at Irish Pubs during the week. Here is a link to the full itinerary and booking info:

This is going to be full soon, so book right away. FYI: I just booked my round trip flight (San Diego to Dublin) for less than $800. Flights are super cheap and this is a once in a lifetime music/european tour experience. I hope you will join us.

Coming this Fall...

"Entertainer of the Year" starring

Bob Karwin.

See the official trailer here: ​

Look to the right for info in the just announced Ireland Tour.

Sorry, I've Been Busy

I have released my first "greatest hits" compilation titled "Sorry, I've Been Busy." It includes 11 remastered Bob Karwin classics AND the first cd release of my latest single, "Over the Rainbow." It is not yet available for digital download (though you can get all the songs individually that way). You can get your hard copy directly from me here:  BUY NOW

Bob Karwin & Brent Burns in Ireland

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New Merchandise Available

I have finally gotten around to updating the Island Store. It is fully stocked with the cool new design t-shirts, koozies, and Entertainer of the Year commemorative 3" buttons. Time to go shopping.

Happy February - Updated 7/24/26

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