New Shows Announced

For those who have been Jonesing for "The Bob," new shows are on the horizon. The events page has been updated with some upcoming things...and there are more to come., Also, new merch is on the horizon. Still waiting for the call to open for Peter Wolf. 

New Music

As I get older and tireder, I have a growing appreciation for collaboration. That's where I get to have fun and someone else does all the work. My latest victim....collaboration Arizona based trop rocker, Michael Charles. He came to me with a song that was 99% done. He asked me to lay some vocals on it and put in my two cents on the lyrics. Happy to. You can hear our song "Drinking Buddy" on any streaming you like to use. It's also ready to request on your favorite trop rock radio station.

LATEST NEWS updated 02/02/2024

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